Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring + Humans

I've been so swamped with school that I just completely did not have the energy to do this blog. I also felt...idk.... useless.
So I guess I'll tell you what I've been up to :)
I've been addicted to tumblr and it's not good lol :P
I also have been gotten into photography. I started a "humans of" page for my high school. We reached 1,000 likes on Facebook a couple weeks ago! We take pictures of people around my high school and post them with captions and stuff and it's so great! I've met these people I've never would have talked to and I feel like we're helping create a closer community. Also a couple days ago a girl from all the way across the country who doesn't know anybody from my school asked us for advice on starting her own page for the high school and I  was like asgdfjkldsahfk and I made a bunch of new amazing friends with the people who take photos and run the page with me <3 they're so great. Here are my favorite photos that I have taken over the past month :)

"We met in math class, and the first thing she said to me was, 'by the way,I suck at math.'"

"Why are you eating lunch outside?"
"Why is everyone else eating inside?"
"It's easier to judge people by their outward appearance instead of by their true character. Accepting people for who they are is something that I struggled with, and frankly, is something that we all struggle with... 
My mom came out as a lesbian when I was in 8th grade. I mean, it was pretty hard when she moved out, but it taught me a lot. Plus, I think a change in perspective is always good."

"We both had hair down to our shoulders in middle school. Since then the hair has left our lives, but we decided to stick around."
them in middle school aw

This trio I always see them together around school and they are a very entertaining trio. Best bromance.

"We all had 8th grade Spanish together. It was a hoot."

They officially put up the fence around the nicest outside area of my school and I can no longer climb my favorite tree :( So here are my photos from the day the fence went up. It was a rainy day and it was horribly depressing.
The last day up in the tree:


It's getting nicer outside and the light is so pretty now
yes that poster says asian night... and yes it's one of the most popular events at my school.

gym class study

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stay Rad

 My friend at camp had a pink tank top that said "thank you for being so RAD" and also I needed some sweater sooo when I saw this sweater for 60% off at Urban Outfitters I knew I had to get it. I just got my shoes from Dr Martens and I'm so in love with them fhushfibewghwf they are like the ones that Mia wears in Princess Diaries (before her makeover obviously). And leggings from lululemon that I got for Christmas and they are made out of really nice fabric and they are so comfy sfjdbibhdwdbs.
 Silly Face Pictures:

 I hope you guys had a nice Christmas if you celebrate <3 <3 <3 

Monday, December 16, 2013

freaking busy

Hi! My dad took the christmas card photos so here are some thingies from that yayy.

Friday, December 13, 2013

random photo time (yay)

these loafers are gorgeous but I can't seem to break them in! I have had the since middle school and they still hurt so bad!
I'm obsessed with this uniform skirt from lands end (except that one is below the knee, the one I bought was at the knee :P )

Violet got an electric guitar yay

another uniform skirt + jellies

going to fencing lalala

my swatch watch that I wear everyday now <3

glitter nailz

I use instagram a ton now so you should go over there and follow me :P
This is my MarlenaEline inspired pom pom thingie

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I had chamber rehearsal with my two friends and then we had lunch and walked around this graveyard. Yeah. I usually don't like graveyards but this one is really old and historical and there are lots of people  from American history buried here.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Music :)


This is coming out tomorrow :D
These Christmas songs are really cute and Christmasy but they are new so I'm not already sick of them. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I was really annoyed about the constant loop of the same christmas songs they play every year. I wish they would play this :P
 Also Nick Lowe's Quality Street is another good Christmas album with songs you won't get sick of :)


Friday, December 6, 2013

Movie Night!

Hi! I have been watching a lot of movies recently so I thought I would write some blurbs about them :)

Quartet is (a romantic comedy I think?) about seniors that live in a retirement home for the musically gifted. And both Mcgonagall AND Dumbledore from Harry Potter are in it which is kinda distracting at first but I forgot after a while. There is tons of amazing classical music in it. So if that is your thing this movie is really entertaining. It isn't really an actiony movie, almost all of it takes place in the retirement home, and I got a little bored in the middle but it was a really sweet movie. My favorite parts were the bits where Reg (the man on the left) lectures high school students about music. I loved how they both tried to understand each other about opera vs rap and it was so cute.
(this is my favorite piece from the movie)

Enough Said
I watched this in the movie theatre with my mom and there were only old couples there. Which made sense because this movie is about two divorced people who find each other in like their 50s. So yeah I guess the target audience wasn't me but I still enjoyed it!! But was still really funny and Tavi was in it(for like 10 minutes, I originally wanted to watch the movie because she was in it :P ).

Rushmore is a 1998 Wes Anderson film uh yeah I don't really know how to explain it but the trailer is amazing so I'll just put it here:

The movie was funny and really cute. And stylistically not as in your face Wes Anderson as Moonrise Kingdom :P (but omg I'm so excited for Wes' new movie)

Teen Beach Movie
I know I know a Disney Channel movie, such bad taste, shame. But I was in a really bad mood one day, I just felt like I fail at everything and like no one was there to be my friend so I just wanted to sit down and see something that I knew would be happy, and what could be more happy (in an incredibly cheesy way) than a Disney Channel Original Movie?! Nothing.
Ok so the basic premise is that the main characters are transported into a super cheesy beach musical movie set in the 60s called "Wet Side Story". So at first it's kinda like Grease and West Side Story combined, but don't try to guess the plot by combining Grease and West Side Story because it's not :P The plot isn't AS predictable as a usual Disney Channel Movie so it won't bore you to death. The songs are pretty awful but the choreography was really good. There was one part of the movie that I really insanely liked and it made me so happy and this is it:
I think this part of the movie itself made it worth watching :P It's so cute ah <3
And it did cheer me up a ton after my crappy day so yeah <333