Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fife & Drum

On Sunday I came home from a week of fife and drum. I went to a fife and drum camp from Tuesday to Friday where I fifed for more than 6 hours every day. On Saturday I played at the Deep River Muster( a muster is where several fife and drum corps get together to perform for each other outside). I really love the fife and drum community because everyone is really accepting and caring. In fife and drum, everyone knows the same 30-40 (or more) tunes so at the end of any event everyone from the different corps gets together to play and it's really magical to me.
Our end of camp performance.

at the parade

This is the group I want to join after I grow out of the group I am in now. They're so perfect gah. I'm so excited I am going to get the fife they play as a super super early Christmas present really soon.

The Ancient Mariners. They play pirate music and are crazy and shoot cannons and muskets really loudly and are crazy and at the end of their performance they have the "prisoner" chase some random audience member all around the field and then they drag the prisoner all over the muster field.  But they're really nice I remember once one of the came up to us before we were about to go on and fist bumped each one of us.

This part is my favorite. It's called F Troop. After a group finishes the parade they can choose to walk back to the end and play in one huge mishmash of all the groups. With like 5 bajillion million fifes and drums. I love standing close to the drums and feeling all the vibrations.

 More random pictures:

(She's really nice)

At every muster they hand the leader a muster ribbon. I actually don't know where my group puts all their muster ribbons...

Me and my sister after the parade.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Faceless Violet

I visited Violet at her program thing.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Now that summer is here I'm getting a lot more things in the mail. I am actually getting really overwhelmed with the amount of letters I have to reply to
The last couple pieces of mail I have received have been absolutely amazing and really sweet so here they are:
This is from my friend from school Tania she has amazing handwriting + taught me a lot about photography.

This letter is from my band camp friend Izzy she's from England. I feel like everyone from England ends their letters/messages with xxx. Is it just me?
This letter is from a band camp + fife acquaintance. He wrote an entire paragraph about military music time signatures (complete with rhythm diagrams) (that's what you get when you go to band camp I suppose!). I was really surprised because I wasn't expecting a reply at all. It made me really happy. 

Sometimes I write letters to people that I kinda know but not really and might want to be friends with. If they get freak out I decide to not be friends with them anymore. It's a really weird test but it actually kind of works. I've gotten a "thank you so much!!" through fb/in real life the majority of the time. I've gotten a written reply twice (^ this is one of them). I've freaked out people with letters three times (and those almost friendships never became actual friends). If someone is going to treat you with contempt when you spent time and effort to write something then they really are not worth having as a friend. 
Do you guys still write letters to your friends?