Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Frosh are friends, not food!"

Today we ate lunch with freshmen. You know that app yik yak? I hate it. I don't get why they complain about freshmen all the time I deleted the app after a couple of days. Sometimes it's nice and good but most times it's just filled with annoyingness and unoriginal jokes.

I feel like people hate on freshmen just so they can live out the high school movie stereotype. They're really not that annoying at all. Many are really sweet and intelligent (but they still have a lot to learn about high school). It's so much fun to eat with them and get a break from everyone else in my grade. I love my classmates but I can feel their constant underlying stress about college applications and it just makes me feel more stressed out.

We helped them with math homework. ChloƩ kept asking the guy with glasses why he was standing up to eat lunch and he kept listening to her every time and sitting down and then I every time I would tell him "If you want to stand up stand!" and he would stand. He got really confused. But it was good because we taught him that you don't have to listen to what other people say because sometimes it is ridiculous and there is no reason behind it. I think that's a really good lesson to learn. Especially entering high school because peer pressure can make kids do bad things.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Picture Day Yo

I started dressing up on Fridays during 8th grade. People always ask me why. I don't really know. My friends started to call it Fancy Friday. It's a decent name I guess
I had a free block AND it was picture day so there were so many kids milling around so I took a bunch of photos and this guy is wearing a suit he was so spiffy gah.
"Just jam it out."